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AirFlo Ridge Running Lines

SKU: 0004000825
Price: $39.99


These are our best selling running lines for both two hand and single hand applications. Ridges, bullet proof over sized loop, and a dead sexy orange color what’s not to love. The oversized “flexi loop” make changing heads a snap. These Ridge running lines replace “normal” floating or intermediate fly line style running lines. Ridges on line reduced surface friction helping increases distance and reduce tangles. Built using the low memory low stretch power core help detect takes and set the hook far better than any other running line on the market. Available in 20 lb and 30 lb in both floating and Intermediate. These running lines have a loop at one end only.
Ø 2 Floating models; 20 lb in Fluorescent Yellow 0.036”, and 30 lb in Fluorescent Orange 0.040”.
Ø 2 Intermediate sink models; 20 lb in Mint Green 0.033”, and 30 lb in Aqua Blue 0.037”.
Ø Oversized “flexi” loop on the front
Ø Low stretch / low memory braided power core

Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 May 2016 07:00

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