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AirFlo Sixth Sense Floating

SKU: 0003999850
Price: $69.99
Pale Peach

Pale Peach


AirFlo's non-ridged presentation line. The exact same taper, length and weight as their Supple Technical line. The only difference is the color and the fact that the sixth sense line doesn’t have ridges. It does have a darker color band at the head called the “load zone” which does the same thing as the full color change on the lines that have different had and running line colors. The Sixth Sense family comes in 7 sinking versions as well as the floating making this our lake line family of lines. More about the sinking lines after we are done with the floaters.
Ø 6 WF models WF3/4 – WF8/9 Pale Peach color with “load zone” color marker
Ø Delta taper for smooth turnover
Ø Low stretch / low memory braided power core
Ø Load Zone marker at head to help optimize casting performance

Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 April 2016 17:05

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