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Ridged Striper

SKU: 0004000150
Price: $89.99


Float or Intermed.


Their “normal” head length Striper line. Designed to fish in a large range of conditions, the Striper ridge line with its modest head length and a shorter rear taper this line will cast farther than the short headed Sniper line. The ridges help keep this line from tangling on the deck of a boat and allow Airflo to use a slightly softer plastic than other companies helping reduce memory. The 30 lb low stretch power core helps stabilize the line during the cast and sets the hook far better than any other line on the market. Designed for casters of all levels but performs best in the hands of an intermediate or better caster. Available in floating, intermediate sink, and type 7 sink. The float and intermediate are ridged and looped at both ends.
Ø WF floating models WF7 – WF10 in Grey Blue
Ø WF intermediate sink (1.5”/sec.) models WF7 – WF10 in Crystal Blue
Ø WF Cold Salt type 7 sink (7”/sec.) models WF8 – WF10 in Black (non ridged)
Ø Floating and intermediate are ridged (all the benefits of sharkskin with none of the problems)
Ø Low stretch / low memory braided power core 30lb.
Ø Welded loops at both ends on floating and intermediate sink


Vendor: AirFlo


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Last Updated: Friday, 24 November 2017 03:37

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