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Force Fin Adjustable Foot Pocket

SKU: 0015004020
Price: $239.95
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The most important and indispensable accessory for float tubing is fins. They provide the force to move about in your tube or pontoon and the maneuverability necessary to play a fish and counter the forces of wind and current. High performance fins enable an angler to move to a new location quickly, hover in the perfect position for casting and working a shoreline can be accomplished with precision and ease.

With Force Fins you get the ultimate performance that will allow you to enhance your fishing experience. If your thinking of buying that "other brand" of fins, then you might as well buy some safety pins to use as hooks and some sewing thread to use as leader and a long stick .... you get the idea.

Fin Blade: Polyurethane, stiffness 87/rebound 78
Color: Jet Black
Foot Pocket: Comfort Instep™ included; brings bouyancy to neutral
Foot Pocket Straps: Parachute webbing with easy on, easy off, side-release buckle and keeper.
Fin Straps: Parachute webbing with ladder-lock buckle and Comfort Tubing Heel Protector
Strap Upgrade Option: Elastic Bungie® Heel strap with Comfort Heel Pad and easy grip knob
Fin Accessory Option: Tethers to secure against losing a fin (not included)
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1-year limited
Vortex Generators™ - the bumps on the underside of the fin- accelerate water flow and reduce drag.

  • Force Fins with their side-supported for stability, adjustable over-the-top, toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles.
  • Easy kicking, powerful and fast. Simply lift your foot to activate the SNAP of the blade and let the water accelerate through its split-V shape. Up-curved blade focuses water into thrust, instead of bobbing you up and down as when wearing flat fins.
  • Independently moving wing tips let you fine-tune your position in water with small foot and leg movements- just like the fish.
  • Turned up blade makes them easy to walk in too!

Vendor: Force Fins


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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 November 2017 06:45

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