Orvis Fly Boxes

  1. Orvis Dropper Rig Fly Box


    Don't waste time tying dropper rigs on stream. Learn More
  2. Orvis PosiGrip Flip Page Fly Box

    From: $21.95

    Hold all your go-to patterns in a large, easy, organized fly box. Learn More
  3. Orvis Super Slim Vest Pocket Fly box


    These slim fly boxes are perfect for a minimalist angler. Learn More
  4. Orvis Waterproof Double Sided Flybox

    From: $17.95


    Prepare for anything when you carry your most trusted patterns in our Double-Sided Fly Box.

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  5. PosiGrip Threader Fly Box

    From: $19.95


    This versatile fly box keeps you well prepared for any fly-fishing situation

    Hold all your go-to fishing patterns in an easy, organized fly box. Triangle cut foam secures flies. Special threaders make tying on flies easier. Flies not included.

    Small fly box holds 182 flies and has 3 threaders: 4?"L x 3¾"W x 1¼"D.
    Medium fly box holds 240 flies and has 4 threaders: 6"L x 3?"W x 1½"D.


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  6. Ultralight Foam Box

    From: $18.95


    Made of ultralight foam, this floating fly box is a perfect option for days on the water.

    Ultralight floating fly box made of molded foam with micro slits in the interior. This allows flies to be backed in and protects the foam unlike ordinary foam boxes. Flies hold in place much better and if dropped in the water, the floating box is easily retrievable. Secure magnetic closure. Excellent weight reduction in pack or vest. Italy.

  7. Medium: 5"L x 3¼"W x 1?"D
  8. Large: 6¼"L x 3¾"W x 1¼"D
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