Morell Accessories

  1. Morell Lightweight Foam Fly Boxes

    From: $14.95

    High density foam means super light-weight. Positive magnetic latches and a durable "living hinge." And they float! Colors poly-material covered. Made in U.S.A.

    Pocket 4"Lx 3"Wx 1 1/4"G
    Standard 4 7/8"Lx 3 3/8"Wx 1 1/4"D
    Large 6 1/2"Lx 4"Wx 1 3/8"D
    Master 6"Lx 4"Wx 1 1/2"D
    LG Saltwater 8 1/2"Lx 4 1/4"Wx 2"D
    XL Saltwater 9"Lx 4 1/4"Wx 1 3/4"D

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