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    The class covers reading the water and understanding tides, a discussion on species, equipment, casting techniques and line management, as well as wading safety and strategies for a successful outing. Call 714 525-1827 with any questions

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  2. Private Fly Casting Lessons

    From: $100.00


    We offer private casting instruction, arranged to meet your schedule. The casts covered would be according to your specific needs. This is the best way to build your casting confidence, or get yourself out of the beginner stage and move you to a more advanced level of casting. Also a great way to get you ready for an upcoming trip!

    Consider private casting instruction for: Basic Casting Fundamentals, Single and Double Haul Casting, Distance Casting, Casting for Accuracy and more.

    Cost: 2 Hours of instruction $100 for 1 student or $125.00 for 2 students (Group lessons of 3 or more are also available. Call 714-525-1827 to arrange)Equipment is provided however you are welcome to bring your own. An instructor will call you to arrange a meeting time once the order is placed

    Location: Ralph Clark Regional Park or mutually agreed upon location.

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    Beginning Fly Fishing 101


    Our beginning program is designed to accelerate your learning curve to help  get you on the water fly fishing as quickly as possible. The classes are trout focused but the instructors are well rounded with all types of fly fishing and don’t mind talking about the many other species they chase on-the-fly. All equipment is provided for this class.

    In this class you will learn about basic trout flies and their uses, rods, reels, lines and leaders along with 2 hrs of fly casting instruction focusing on the basic mechanics of a cast. You will exit the class with a general understanding of this great sport with a solid foundation to ease the learning curve as you advance.

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    Our beginning fly tying class teaches the skills necessary to immediately begin tying your own flies. With the knowledge of the basic techniques of fly tying learned in class, you will be able to tie a wide range of dry and wet flies on your own! You will also leave the class with a better understanding of insect entomology, which will result in a more effective use of all the various fly patterns.

    Classes are held at our store on Saturdays (as noted) from 4PM - 8PM

    All materials and tools are provided and you will tie a variety of flies which offer a range of varying techniques and applications

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