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Reel accessories, aids & add ons

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  1. Abel Aluminum Handle Solid Finish


    The ABEL 6061 aluminum reel handles are 1/8th inch longer than their standard wooden handles with a knurled finger grip. They are fitted with a hand-pressed Delrin insert for the absolutely smoothest feel this side of vanilla ice cream. And just as luscious. Their weight precisely matches the weight of the counterbalance. They won’t chip, fracture, splinter or snap no matter the temperature or conditions. They are, in a word, forever.
    In Small, Medium and Large for various sizes of Abel Reels. Available in 6 Finishes: Standard Black (Gloss), Red, Green, Platinum, Blue III, and Matte Black Learn More


    The humble reel case is an important piece of gear that often goes overlooked, but is vital in protecting your valuable reels. To that end, we have developed a new reel case that not only protects your investment, but also sports great features and cool style. The premium nylon outer shell has a hook and loop closure designed with a wide range of adjustments to help cover the reel from the outside. A plush microfiber fleece liner wicks away moisture from the reel, while the integrated drain holes help keep the bottom of the case free of water. In a nod to our relocation to Colorado, the leather Abel patch on the front of the case includes the flag of our new home in the mountains. Learn More
  3. Dakota 31" Carry-On Rod & Reel Case



  4. Signature waterproof, molded bottom
  5. Adjustable, padded, removable interior dividers for reels
  6. Padded compartment with protective lid holds up to four rods in their socks, depending on length
  7. Three mesh interior pockets
  8. Three laminated see-through exterior mesh pockets for keys, phone, airline tickets, etc.
  9. 5.2 lbs
  10. 1,390 cu. in.
  11. 31" x 9.5”" x 5"
  12. Interior dimensions 30.25" x 9"
  13. Compatible for 4 piece 9' rods
  14. Learn More
  • Dakota 45" Rod & Reel Case



  • Signature waterproof, molded bottom
  • Adjustable, padded, removable interior dividers for reels
  • Padded compartment with protective lid holds up to four rods in their socks, depending on length
  • Three mesh interior pockets
  • Exterior zippered pocket for keys, phone, airline tickets, etc.
  • Switch and Spey rod compatible up to 13'6"
  • 45" x 9" x 5"
  • Learn More
  • Fishpond Sweetwater Reel Case


    Small: 4” x 4” x 4.5” (Holds one or two fresh or saltwater reels) Orange

    Medium: 9”x4”x4” (Holds four freshwater reels or two reels plus 2 spools) Sand

    Large: 9.75” x 4.5” x 4.5” (Holds four larger-sized reels) Bahama Blue

    XX Large: 11.5” x 7.5” x 5.5” (Holds six larger-sized reels or DSLR camera and lenses, etc.) Cutthroat Orange

    Learn More




    Wash and wear. For your gear or your pet, this shower is good to go. It’s also good for sustainable fish ecology. Fill the Gear Shower from the tap at home and head out. After your day on the water, use it to rinse away all visible material from gear at take-out. Making it cleaner for your car in the process, you also wash away invasive aquatic species—a serious and growing ecological problem. The Gear Shower makes it easy to do your part to stop the spread of these aquatic species from one body of water to another. Because once an invasive species is established in new water, it can be impossible to eliminate.

    The Gear Shower is very easy to use: lower a vehicle window an inch or more and hang the shower. Tap water gravity-flows through a shower head with an on/off switch, allowing for the 2.2 gallon capacity to clean boots, waders, other gear, and even pets.

    Learn More
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