Solarez Cements, Glues, Paints, Markers, & Wax

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  1. Bone Dry UV Ultra Thin Formula



    Cures "Bone Dry" to a clear or Black hard, glossy finish in under 10 seconds. •No mixing necessary.
    •No tacky finish that needs to be wiped off with alcohol like other products.
    •Ultra-low viscosity.
    •Glossy, hard finish.
    0.5 Fl. Oz. bottle with applicator brush.


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    An all new 17 color selection of resins from Solarez. This Thicker resin comes in several fluorescent colors, along with several earth tone and sparkle mixed colors. perfect for coating a thread head, shell back, or body base. 

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  3. Solarez Battery Charger + Rechargeable Battery


    Digital Battery Charger and one (1) 3.7 volt UltraFire® rechargable battery. 
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  4. Solarez Flex Formula

    From: $5.25

    This is also great for repairing damaged flies or repairing home projects in a flash! 

      - Flexible finish - could be used as a wader repair
      - Great for coating knots for strength
      - Viscous formula, easier to work with

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  5. Solarez Fly Tying 3 Pack of Resins


    All three Solarez fly-tie UV resins. Each comes in a 5 gram tube with applicator tip - ample for many flies.

    All three instantly cure with a hard finish with sunlight or UV light.

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  6. Solarez Glow in the Dark Thick Formula

    From: $35.00

    Glows in the dark for enhanced night fishing.  Cures very hard and resilient.
      Very viscous for making thick coatings or spheres - bodies, heads, eyes
    Glows intensely at night, especially if irradiated with our UV Light  for a couple of seconds. Glow lasts several minutes.

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  7. Solarez Hi Power UV Light Resinator Kit


    Newest technology SMD ultra high output flashlight. Cures Solarez resin with the correct wavelength. Typically cures Solarez resin in 30 seconds or less. Also has heat-abating "Pulse Power" function. This reduces resin shrinkage and yellowing and increases bond. Comes complete with one rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery and digital battery charger, good for hours of high intensity light and hundreds of re-charges. Charger has polarity indicator warning and READY signal.

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  8. Solarez High Output UVA Flashlight


    With more than 10X the power of their focusable beam flashlight. Use this torch for applications requiring extra penetration or extra surface cure to remove tackiness.
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  9. Solarez Medium-Hard Formula

    From: $14.95

    The perfect Formula right in between Thick and Thin. Perfect for all the same applications at the right viscosity you have been waiting for. Curing in seconds with a UV light and great for building heads, bodies, and any other fly tying application you can think of.  Learn More
  10. Solarez Neo-Rez Neoprene Repair/Filer


    NEO-REZ is a fast-curing, clear synthetic that works great to repair neoprene wetsuits. Unlike other sealers or patches that take hours or even days to cure, NEO-REZ is dry to the touch in about 20 minutes and can be put into use in about two hours. When throrughly cured, NEO-REZ is totally waterproof and incredibly strong yet soft and supple. Learn More

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