Solarez Fly Tying Materials

  1. Solarez Syringe-Cap Bottle Applicator


    For use with Thin-Hard Formula only, Solarez's other formulas will be too thick for this tip applicator. Either 4oz bottle or 2oz bottle.Tip Internal Dimension: 14 gauge (0.0781" or 1.98mm). Metal tip length is approx. 1"

    Tip has a hermetic seal screw-on plug cap with stainless steel pilot insert.

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  2. Solarez Sponge-Rez Tube

    From: $4.55

    Sponge-Rez is a tough, clear, ultra-flexible resin forumlated to mend the most common types of catastrophes Sponge-Rez also repairs cracked, weathered swim fins.


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