HMH Fly Tying

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    Black Standard Pedestal Base Kit:
    Durable powder coated finish.  Foot print is 3.75" x 5.75". Approximately 4 pounds.  Kit includes base, 6" standrod, cap screw and wrench, pouch.  Learn More


    Double Doughnut Material Spring

    The HMH Double Donut Material Spring slides easily over the collet of your vise and helps keep feathers, tinsels, chenille and other materials conveniently secured and out your way while tying.

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  3. HMH Additional Jaws


    HMH Interchangeable Jaws


    Learn More
  4. HMH Aluminum Tubes 10pk 3/32" OD

    From: $6.50

    Pre-cut aluminum tubes in a range of lengths to match any tying/angling situation. Line tubes with included Micro tubing. Add standard drilled cones or beads if desired.  Holder tubing also included.
    Aluminum Tubes. 3/32" o.d. tubes sink slowly and drift naturally. Micro and Hook Holder tubing incl. 10 per pack.
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  5. HMH Bobbin Rest


    HMH Bobbin Rest:
    Machined delrin support body and thread support.  Machined brassfittings.  Stainless rod is 9" long with 4" upright. Adjustable in three directions. Learn More


    C-Clamp Kit: HMH Powder Coated Aluminum C-Clamp.  Kit includes clamp, all knobs, 9" standrod Learn More
  7. HMH Hook Holder Tubing

    From: $2.50

    HMH custom material makes for easy to use, thin and durable hookholder. Feels like silicone but lasts like PVC.
     Large Hookholder fits their Large (1/8" OD) tubes, and Small Hookholder fits their Small (3/32" OD) tubes. Clear plus three hot colors. Both come in a 12" pieceHook Holder Tubing Assortments - Large and Small. Includes one, 12" piece of each color: Clear, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink and Fl. Chartreuse. Learn More
  8. HMH Micro Tubing


    HMH Micro Tubing is durable and versatile. 
    It's a tough high-density polyethylene that comes in two wall thicknesses. Use Regular to line metal tubes or nest inside larger tubes (for making small heads, or adding cones).

    HMH Thick-Wall Micro tubing (requires .031" Dia pin) is tough enough to tie small patterns directly on the tubing - for example, small streamers or big nymphs. Most off-the-shelf cones and beads fit Micro Tubing.

    Regular (1/16" OD X .042 ID), 36"piece.
    Thick-Wall (1/16" OD X .031 ID), 36" piece

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