Solarez Accessories

  1. Solarez Sponge-Rez Tube

    From: $4.55

    Sponge-Rez is a tough, clear, ultra-flexible resin forumlated to mend the most common types of catastrophes Sponge-Rez also repairs cracked, weathered swim fins.


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  2. Solarez Shoe Repair 3.5oz tube


    Tough synthetic rubber that sticks to any surface. It dries to a clear polymer as a protective coating that wears like steel. Use it to coat high-wear areas, re-laminate wood, seal out the elements, or as a glue where others have failed. Solarez Shoe Repair will "ski-over" in 10-15 minutes and dries in about 2 hours. Nevertheless, a complete cure takes 24 hours especially when filling deep gouges.  Learn More
  3. Solarez Neo-Rez UV-Cure Repair/Filer


    The Ultimate UV curing FLEXIBLE repair and sealer! Repair your expensive fishing waders while you fish or finally fix that neoprene wetsuit hole that's been causing you to shiver cold!
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  4. Solarez Neo-Rez Neoprene Repair/Filer


    NEO-REZ is a fast-curing, clear synthetic that works great to repair neoprene wetsuits. Unlike other sealers or patches that take hours or even days to cure, NEO-REZ is dry to the touch in about 20 minutes and can be put into use in about two hours. When throrughly cured, NEO-REZ is totally waterproof and incredibly strong yet soft and supple. Learn More