Wader Bags




    The perfect bag for your marinated waders, and boots covered in river guac. The predawn gas station breakfast is made all the better by rolling it up into a burrito hiding the liquid cheese, powdered meat, and egg. The new Burrito Wader Bag does the same thing by keeping your wet river mess on the inside. With a built-in roll-out changing mat designed for dirty and wet gear that rolls up and stays secure with a simple pull of a cord. Keep clean and carry on.

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    Carry-all for everyday adventures

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    It’s time to stop fumbling around with wet and muddy waders and boots after a long day of fishing. The LANDING PAD is

    your simple storage solution for your wading gear in-between fishing adventures and home. Constructed of high-density,

    abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, it will hold up as you dance in-and-out of your waders, as well as protect your booties from

     potential pinholes that can lead to soggy feet. The simple drawcord system encloses around your gear and the water-repellent

    finish keeps grime inside of the LANDING PAD and out of your rig. Once you get home simply release the drawcords and

    hang your gear to dry so it’s ready for your next adventure.


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  4. Orvis Safe Passage Wader Tote


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    This wader bag features rubber mesh panels for maximum ventilation. Learn More
  5. Savier Sole Bag



    DURABILITY: Tough CorduraTM nylon bag with roll up and buckle closure designed to keep metal sole elements away from other surfaces.
    CONVENIENT:  Roll top with buckle allows for linkage to other bags, belts, or straps for easy-access carrying or organizing. 
    PROTECTION: Designed to keep filthy soles away from clean gear. 
    SIZE: 17”L x 8” W // Holds up to four OmniTraxTM soles of any size.


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  6. Simms Taco Bag


    Improved taco bag for transporting wet, muddy waders and boots Learn More